Zertified Z-Wave Pre-Certification Review

Zertified by BuLogics is proud to offer Pre-Certification Review

Get to market faster with a Pre-Certification Review (PCR) by BuLogics. Our Z-Wave engineers will put your product through a test-run of the official Sigma certification process, and send you a detailed report on what tests failed, and what needs to change to pass them. Use the expertise of the world’s first Z-Wave test house to get the feedback that you need to pass certification early in your development cycle, and get your product on the shelf as fast as possible.

For devices that require rapid turnaround, take advantage of our Fast-Track option to jump the queue, and get a full report from our Z-Wave team in as little as three business days!

Is PCR For Me?

PCR offers insight into potential certification issues for devices that are not yet ready to be submitted for full certification. At the conclusion of PCR an official report will be delivered detailing the results in an easy-to-understand manner, and the Zertified test house will be available to go over any questions about the results. An official Z-Wave Certification number will not be issued.

To request PCR and for more information about requirements, please contact zertified@bulogics.com.


PCR will cover one “run through” per device. If issues are found during PCR, we will accept a single update to the device for re-testing. This re-testing will only cover the issues that were previously discovered.

It is not guaranteed that a device will pass official certification after passing PCR, as we are performing on exhaustive testing on updates provided.

Fee Structure

The fee for PCR is based on the Z-Wave device type of the product being submitted. Controller devices, for example, are more complicated than slave devices and require more time to fully test. The fee for expediting PCR is a flat fee of $2,000 in addition to the base fees described below. Fees are required to be paid up front.

Device Type Fee
Slave Devices $2,000
Classic Z-Wave Controllers $3,000
Z-Wave Plus Controllers (SSC, PC, or RPC Role Type)
CSC Controllers and Software $4,000
Sub-System Controller Device Type

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