Z-Wave LibSAPI Software Development Library

libsapi_white_text_green_bgBuLogics has delivered commercial wireless projects in a wide variety of markets since 2003. Over that time, we have developed a number of proprietary code libraries and associated methodologies, like LibSAPI, which enable us to turn projects around very quickly for our clients.

LibSAPI Features

  • Z-Wave SAPI interface simplicity – Product developers do not have to learn Z-Wave or intricacies of the the SAPI layer for it.
  • Over the air updating – with two years of testing and development the BuLogics OTA code is well tested and useful even for multi-chip deployments.
  • Security simplified – Security adds extra complexity to all transactions. LibSAPI simplifies this complex layer.
  • Low Power – LibSAPI addresses battery operation conserving power in every way possible.

LibSAPI Provides

  • Decreased time to market – By using this library product development is reduced to less than 30% of the time.
  • Increased product reliability – With 2 years of developing test cases and real world deployments most of your code library is already well tested before you start development
  • Decreased time to money – Speed makes money in terms of both development costs and time on the market to start taking in profits, and taking market leadership.

Request a libSAPI developer kit using this handy Developer Kit Request form.

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