BuLogics new home in East Falls, Philadelpha

I’ve held off writing an update for a bit, since BuLogics has been fantastically busy.  <Insert a culturally appropriate very-busy joke here.> But today won’t be technical content yet, since I have a bigger picture announcement. BuLogics has relocated it’s operations from Malvern, PA to 4200 Ridge Ave, Phila PA, in the East Falls neighborhood.

While a well-worded official announcement is on the way, I wanted to share a more on-the ground engineering view here in the weblog.  Our engineers love the city.  We love easy access to good food, good coffee, and good beer. We love after-work events, both professional and just for fun. We love being able to hang around for the extra :20 to finish something at the end of the day, without worrying about train schedules, or traffic jams.

From our front door at 4200 Ridge Ave, I can see 2 bars,  3 restaurants, 2 churches,  a coffee shop, and two parks.  From our front door in Malvern I only see 2 parking lot, and a ton of cars. I can speak for the whole engineering team when I say, It’s good to be back in the city.

Along with the new location, we needed new desks.  Since most people spend half their waking hours at the office, and we wanted to make sure everyone had a desk space they are comfortable with. Armed with Ikea Hacker, and desk-sized budget per-person, and a couple of hours of tinkering, we let everyone design their own desk.  It’s important to us that we create a work environment that is comfortable, productive and tailored to the talents and needs of our team.  Now that I think of it, our attitude to custom solutions for our own team is a lot like the custom design we create for customers in our Advanced Wireless Engineering (AWE) consulting.

Do you like engineering challenges, biking to work, or just a company that is building products for more efficient and sustainable living?  Then check out our job openings. BuLogics might be the right place for you to work and grow with a fantastic team.

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