Zertification For Z-Wave

In 2008, the Z-Wave Alliance chose BuLogics from a long list of interested companies to become the first Z-Wave Certification Test House. In 2009, the Z-Wave Alliance and BuLogics trained a second test house in Europe to ensure there is always a choice for certifying Z-Wave devices.Z-Wave to Z-Wave Plus

As an established Z-Wave product developer, BuLogics has been actively involved in the Z-Wave Alliance’s technical activities since its inception. Through our product development efforts and collaborative projects with other Z-Wave Alliance members, BuLogics has developed a deep technical knowledge base which is critical to the Z-Wave certification process.

Get the latest information, forms and FAQ on the Z-Wave Technical Service Website or contact us at zertified@bulogics.com.

Zertified by BuLogics is proud to offer a Pre-Certification Review option in addition to standard Z-Wave certification testing!

Get to market faster with a Pre-Certification Review (PCR) by BuLogics. Our Z-Wave engineers will put your product through a test-run of the official Sigma certification process, and send you a detailed report on what tests failed, and what needs to change to pass them. Use the expertise of the world’s first Z-Wave test house to get the feedback that you need to pass certification early in your development cycle, and get your product on the shelf as fast as possible.

For devices that require rapid turnaround, take advantage of our Fast-Track option to jump the queue, and get a full report from our Z-Wave team in as little as three business days!

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